Barn Conversion

midcoast maine

The homeowners asked us to convert this barn into a multi-use space but primarily for a band to rehearse, hang out, and perform. They had a specific vision for the end product— a modern farmhouse style with a disco ball twist! We love being able to translate that vision into reality. We removed a partially finished apartment put there by a previous owner. The end result could just as easily be a studio apartment as a rehearsal or party space.

nickel gap pine

We installed 6000 square feet of nickel gap pine in the barn on the ceiling and walls. Since we used the existing rough framing, we took extra care installing the pine onto the uneven framing. The customer didn’t want to trim out any of the windows but instead wanted the window to disappear into the wood as much as possible. He also didn’t want baseboard at the bottom so we cut our bottom board to follow the inconsistencies of the existing unevenness of the floor. 

added beams

We sourced beams from local barns that had recently been torn down and added them to the ceiling. We built a half wall and capped it off with these old beams as well. Our customer had a great idea to orient the old mortises already present in the beams to serve as cupholders during their barn parties. It is so fun to celebrate the story of a reclaimed piece instead of concealing it.


live-edge builtins and floating shelves

We sourced the live-edge slabs for the built-in and floating shelves from their mailman who, in classic Mainer fashion, also mills lumber as a side business. What a pleasure working with someone so conscientious and knowledgeable and only a few miles away. The built-in took careful planning to get a tight fit to the wall, and to make the live-edge mitered corners meet up properly, but we think the end result was great!

kitchen with concrete counters

Initially, the plan was to reuse the cabinets from the old apartment, but this proved to be unrealistic due to their condition, and we were concerned they wouldn’t be able to support the weight of the concrete counters. After installing new cabinets, we poured the concrete. Then we wrapped the bar with unique custom panels made from pine and galvanized steel and a footrest from steel piping as a functional and fun final touch. 

custom barn doors

We built a total of six custom barn doors. The diamond pattern on the exterior side was the homeowner’s design. The doors allow a lot of light into the space when it’s in use.