Kitchen Update

pownal, maine


Oftentimes, a place in our homes that gets high use has some minor issue that no matter how we try, still drives us nuts. George Bailey and the loose stair knob comes to mind. This homeowner who loves working in her kitchen, realized that her lower cabinets were not suited to the things she liked to store in them. Her home is roughly 20 years old, but it was designed to look 200 years old. It’s situated between a beautiful stream and a pasture for the her sheep with idyllic views all around. She knew she wanted to refresh the paint in the kitchen so now was the perfect opportunity to convert some of those lower cabinets to drawers. A bottle of Elmer’s glue would have done the trick for George, but this customer knew it was time to reach out to us for a seamless integration of old and new.


keeping the look

The trickiest part of this job was matching the design of the original cabinet fronts. For most of the smaller drawers, the existing door could be cut down into the correct drawer sizes without issue and then slightly modified to give the same edge detail as the other drawers in her kitchen. However, the same process wouldn’t work on the larger cabinet. Here, we had to mill out new wood to match perfectly with the old. Once the new drawer front had all the same lines to match the existing ones, we cut the drawer fronts out to the correct size. Finding solutions like these are what make this work so fun and rewarding!

form follows function

After installing the drawer slides and building the drawer boxes, we reassembled the cabinets. Once the kitchen is repainted, you’ll never know that the kitchen was ever any different. But the queen of this castle knows, and she knows her life is truly more wonderful for it.