by Conant Andrews

As homeowners evaluate their bathroom remodeling needs, sometimes some simple cosmetic changes can do wonders. At other times, owners want a more substantial change like changing over a tub to a tile shower. We love assisting with either end of the remodeling spectrum and anywhere in between. The median age of homes in Maine is around 50 years old—does your bathroom need a better floor plan or some new features? Would you just like to update the style?

a simple style update

After a long renovation process on her new-to-her 1900s colonial in Portland, Maine, Lillian had just a few small changes she wanted to make to her bathroom before everything felt just right. She had a strong desire to preserve the character of the home. It’s amazing what a few small changes can do to unify a space!

We helped Lillian take her 1900s Colonial back to its roots…

a complete overhaul to floor plan, features, and style

Marissa loves her house nestled in the woods. She purchased it from the original builder/owner. She came to us with some competing priorities for an update to her Master bath. She wanted to update the look by decreasing the pine but without completely removing it to ensure the bathroom wouldn’t look out of place in the house. However, removing some of the pine would also remove the storage, so finding a streamlined storage option was a must. She was also hoping to exchange the current jacuzzi for both a tile shower and a separate, freestanding tub. Finally, she was hoping for a clean, modern affect to the room. This is the kind of problem solving we love doing with our clients!

Marissa remakes her Master bathroom to fit her style, a better flow, and more modern features…